21M.873 | January IAP 2008 | Undergraduate

Theater Arts Topics - Suburbia


MIT student bands were selected to perform the soundtrack for the show, a mix of covers and original songs. Listed below is the song order; some recordings of the original tracks are provided, along with videos of the intermission show. All files are provided courtesy of the bands, and used with their permission.


Carrie Okie Band - Mouse Song

The Lemon Squares - Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)

Sarah Dupuis - New Song in Calculus (WAV)

Limited Slip - Broken Glass & Alibis (MP3)

Off White Noise - Moo’s so Great she could Probably be Science Fiction (WAV)

Space Faces - U-Mass (Pixies)

kc quilty - Clothes (MP3)

The Lemon Squares - Prince

First Half

Limited Slip - Baba O’Riley (The Who)

The Lemon Squares - Debaser (Pixies)

Free Parking - Hate To Tell You So (The Hives)

Space Faces - U-Mass (Pixies)

Free Parking - Song 2 (Blur)

Carrie Okie Band - Mouse Song

Dress Rehearsal Rag - Between the Lines Things were Laid Bare (WAV)


Space Faces provided a musical break, as recorded by Peter Whincop:

Second Half

The Lemon Squares - Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)

Rob Morris - Your Hope (WAV)

Off White Noise - Weenie (WAV)

Free Parking - Suburbia (Pet Shop Boys)

Limited Slip - The End (MP3)

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