21M.873 | January IAP 2008 | Undergraduate

Theater Arts Topics - Suburbia

Study Materials

Character Backstories (PDF)

subUrbia Program (PDF)

Lighting Design

The following images show lighting plans during different phases of design. Images are courtesy of Karen Perlow and are used with permission. (Note: images are quite large and may require scrolling on some monitors.)

  • Preliminary sketches explore the various requirements for lighting (PNG)
  • A diagram showing arrays of lights for specific scenes and effects (PNG)
  • The final light plot, showing location and channel of all lights used in the show (PNG - 1.3 MB)

Student Reflection

OpenCourseWare asked various cast and crew members to contribute their reflections on the production process and result. Jonas Kubilius, actor of Tim, sent us his thoughts. Used with permission. (TXT)

Set Design

The following photos show the evolution of the set design, from initial models to the full-size scenery. All photos are courtesy Eric Levenson, and used with permission.

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