1 Course overview & introductory questionnaire Semper, Robert J. “Science Museums as Environments for Learning.” Physics Today 43, 11, 50 (1990).

Background on Assignment #1

Discuss article on science museum

Three science musuem reviews:

Parker, Kate. “From Chalk Pit to Treasure Trove.” IEE Review, vol. 45, no. 4, pp. 159–160, July 15, 1999.

Rothstein, Edward. “Opening the Doors to the Life of Pi: Museum of Mathematics at Madison Square Park.” The New York Times. December 13, 2012.

The Museumist. “Exhibit Review: Harry Potter, at the Museum of Science and Industry.” July 15, 2009.


Elements of critical review writing: Purpose, audience, content, structure and style

Discuss science museum reviews

Three science book reviews:

Pinker, Steven. “The Known World.” The New York Times. May 27, 2007.

Eisenkraft, Arthur. “Book Review: Guesstimation: Solving the World’s Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin.” American Journal of Physics 76, 887 (2008).

Bloch, Heinz P. “Book Review: Operator’s Guide to Centrifugal Pumps.” Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol. 116, no. 3 (2009).

4 In-class workshop on museum review assignment in progress:

  • Clarifying the purpose and audience of your review
  • Establishing the framework and focus
  • Organizing your main ideas

No assigned readings

Examining other kinds of critical reviews in science

Discuss science book reviews

No assigned readings
6 Background on Assignments #2 and #3 No assigned readings
7 General principles for writing about science for the general public: A mathematician’s perspective Gawande, Atul. “The Cancer-Cluster Myth.” The New Yorker. February 8, 1999.
8 Researching your topic Campbell, Thomas A., Skylar Tibbits and Banning Garrett. “The Programmable World.” Scientific American 311, no. 5 (2014): 60-65.
9 Discuss science essay No assigned readings
10 Discuss science essay Greene, Geoffrey L. and Peter Geltenbort. “The Neutron Enigma.” Scientific American 314, no. 4 (2016): 36-41.
11 Using source material in your writing No assigned readings
12 Discuss science essay No assigned readings
13 Citing source material No assigned readings
14 Illustrations in scientific & technical writing No assigned readings
15 Writing workshop on science essays No assigned readings
16 Background on Assignment #4 No assigned readings
17 Topic workshop No assigned readings
18 Absracts & Budgets No assigned readings
19 Writing workshop: Reviewing proposals No assigned readings
20 Workshop on communicating through email No assigned readings
21 Principles of effective public speaking No assigned readings
22–25 Oral Presentations No assigned readings

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