21W.758 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate
Genre Fiction Workshop: Fantasy


Week 1: Why do we love fantasy?
1 Why do we love fantasy? Why is it one of the most popular and enduring genres across platforms?  
Week 2: Foundations of Mythos
2 Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell  
3 Campbell, Jung, and Gaimen  
Week 3: Arthur and the Ur-Mythos
4 Concept of the Central Mythos and the Matter of Kingship  
5 Within and Beyond the Mythos (Tolkien, Martin, etc.)  
Week 4: Using Mythos
6 Alternative views of Mythos  
7 Exercises  
Week 5: Fantasyland!
8 Warping our world  
9 Fantasyland world building, cliché’s and cultures  
Week 6: Fantastyland! cont.
10 Fantasyland 201—Not your Medieval World! Urban, Dark, and Gaslight First draft of first piece due
Week 7: Magic
11 Playing by the Rules  
12 The World and Its Magic  
Week 8: Magic cont.
13 Magic changes History  
14 Multiplicity  
Weeks 9–13: Workshops
15–23 Workshop Ses 18: First draft of second piece due
Week 14: Mostly Workshop
24 Workshop Final drafts of all work due (except for those who have workshop on this date)
25 Special Topics/Discussion  
Week 15: Finis
26 More discussion of the professional world; other related areas: horror, romantic fantasy, etc.  
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