21W.758 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate
Genre Fiction Workshop: Fantasy
Lecture Notes

Session 10

Languages, moon(s), money, ecology!

Non traditional (non-medieval) fantasyland

Urban Fantasy

  • Modern setting
  • (Tim Powers - many others)
  • Can treat the magic as:




Adding the magic

  • Various ways
  • Dracula was contemporary for its day

Using different historical settings

  • Gaslight (Victorian)

Contemporary gets dated!!!

Paranormal romance


Magic is moral

Magic takes power

Rules of magic

  • Must work with the rules of the world
  • Built in with the world building

What does this word need???

(Use books we’ve read)

Exercise - Choose 1 song

Discuss Novik

  • Magical creatures

1 change

changes history

changes the entire military structure

Why does it WORK?? (so VERY well??)

Magic - suspend disbelief, yes, but - be clear on the limits of what the magic can do

  • Find creative ways to exploit ALL the capabilities given those limits and costs!


Vogt, A. E. van. Silkie. Second printing edition. Ace, 1969. ISBN: 9780441765027.

Hind Horn

Thomas the Rhymer

The Unquiet Grave

The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife

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