21W.758 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate
Genre Fiction Workshop: Fantasy
Lecture Notes

Session 3

Campbell & The Hero’s Journey

What is the Hero’s Journey (and why do we care?)

We’ve talked about the myth & gods

Now - Hero & Gods

Fantasy & The Hero

Is the Hero in Fantasy different thean in other genres?

(My feeling is yes - archetypal; and while may be very human/identifiable AS WELL, must also have certain specific traits)

★ ALL heros must grow over the course of the story - ALWAYS a given!

But what else?

  • Good
  • Learn good/good action

Does every fantasy need a hero?

Is every fantasy a myth?

Does every fantasy strive for the mythic?

Is Rose Walker a hero? (Is Nada?)

Hector & Lyta (Hector trying to be a new Sandman)

Doll’s House

Rose Walker

  • Looks for her brother, Jed
  • Goes to GA with “Gilbert” (Fiddler’s Green)
  • Motel where serial murders (Corinthian)

Hector Hall & Lyta - Hector plays Sandman - he is dead

Morpheus finds Glob & Brute via ⤴

Resonances/satisfaction in Doll’s House

  • It works - WHY?
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