21W.759 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

Writing Science Fiction


Every student will write two pieces of fiction. These may be short stories or chapters in a longer work. If a student chooses to write long fiction, a short summary of the rest of the story should be appended to the final revised version of the second piece. Each major piece will be submitted to workshop and rewritten.

These MIT students have agreed to share their writing as examples of student work.

Maximilien Baas-Thomas

Bespoke Ocean (Draft 1) (PDF)

Bespoke Ocean (Draft 2) (PDF)

The Gift of the Stone Astronaut (Draft 1) (PDF)

Someday There’ll Be Stone-Black Skies (Draft 2) (PDF)

James Gilles

On Call (Draft 1) (PDF)

On Call (Draft 2) (PDF)

Sacrifice (Draft 1) (PDF)

Sacrifice (Draft 2) (PDF)

Jake Isenhart Dark Was The Night, Cold Was the Ground (Draft 1) (PDF)
Dopple (Draft 1) (PDF)
Marissa Stephens

The Abyss (Draft 1) (PDF)

The Abyss (Draft 2) (PDF)

An MIT Student A Journey to the End of the World (Draft 1) (PDF)

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