21W.777 | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

Science Writing in Contemporary Society

Assignments 16-25

Rubric for Evaluating Oral Presentations



  • Follows guidelines
  • Generates interest among listeners
  • Presents information in a sequence that’s easy to follow
  • Provides emphasis: what’s important? What’s especially interesting about this website?


  • Points are clear: Clear thinking, clear sentences



  • The speaker articulates clearly
  • S/he speaks fluently—i.e., without a lot of pauses and stumbles—and at a good pace—not too fast
  • Volume is appropriate for the space
  • Speaker avoids “like,” “you know,” “uh…,” etc. and also avoids upspeak—that is, the speaker doesn’t make statements sound like questions.


  • Speaker makes frequent eye contact with audience (whole audience and individuals, not just instructor)
  • Speaker’s posture is alert yet easy, i.e., not stiff
  • Speaker smiles and looks confident
  • Gestures aid clarity and emphasis and don’t seem random
  • Attire need not be formal, but it shouldn’t be so casual or sloppy that it distracts or detracts from the talk

What was the best thing about the talk?

What would you recommend that the speaker work to improve for next time?

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