Problem Set 1: Retracing Chadwick’s Discovery of the Neutron (PDF)

Problem set 1 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 2: Nuclear Structure and Stability (PDF)

Problem set 2 solutions (PDF)

Gnumeric spreadsheets showing intermediate solutions

Problem Set 3: Radioactive Decay and Half Life (PDF)

Problem set 3 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 4: Successive Decays and Statistics (PDF)

Includes a take-home lab to estimate the radioactivity of one banana

Banana Data: Counting Activity, Background, and Efficiency (ZIP) (This Zip file contains: 6 .pdf files.)

Problem set 4 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 5: Photon Interactions with Matter (PDF)

List of Nuclear Activation Analysis (NAA) Elements (XLS)

Problem set 5 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 6: Electron and Ion Interactions with Matter (PDF)

Problem set 6 solutions (PDF - 1.0MB)

Problem Set 7: Neutrons, Transport, and Criticality (PDF)

Problem Set 7 (ZIP) (This Zip file contains: 2 .pdf files, 1 .xlsx file, 5 .png files.)

Includes a lab to analyze your MIT Reactor control rod insertion

Problem set 7 solutions (PDF)

Excel Calculations for “Will It Blend?” (XLSX - 1.1MB)

Problem Set 8: Biological and Chemical Effects of Radiation (PDF)

Includes a lab to quantify the dose-mortality relationship for dorm / sorority / fraternity bacteria

Problem set 8 solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 9: Practice Problems for Final Quiz 3 (PDF)

[Not graded; no solutions provided]

KAERI Nuclide Table Use this for nuclear decay and mass data.
NIST X-Ray Transition Energies Database Use this to find all x-ray emission energies.
NIST Tables of X-Ray Absorption Coefficients Use this to find all x-ray emission energies.
JANIS Nuclear Database Use this to find any cross section for any nuclear reaction.
Online Graphing Calculator: Series Radioactive Decay Use this to graphically explore the series radioactive decay equations, e.g. for Problem Set 4.

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