22.02 | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate
Introduction to Applied Nuclear Physics


Problem sets are critical in your learning process. While doing homework, do not just write down answers. Think about the problems posed, your strategies, the meaning of your computations, and the answers you get. The main point is not to come up with specific answers to the specific problems you are working on, but to develop an understanding of what you are doing so that you can apply your reasoning to a wide range of similar situations. Try to solve the problems on your own using all the material available (lecture notes, readings, textbooks: cite your references!). Consultation with other students is encouraged, as well as coming to office hours. However, this should not be your first nor your last step (you should first try on your own and at the end reformulate the results in your own words).

Solutions to these problem sets are not available for OCW.

Problem set 1 (PDF)

Problem set 2 (PDF)

Problem set 3 (PDF)

Problem set 4 (PDF)

Problem set 5 (PDF)

Problem set 6 (PDF)

Problem set 7 (PDF)

Problem set 8 (PDF)

Problem set 9 (PDF)

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