22.081J | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Introduction to Sustainable Energy


Part I: Energy in context
1a Golay Introduction  
1b Wright Overview of energy use and related issues  
2 Ronald Prinn, MIT Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

“Climate Change: Science, Economics, and Policy.”

Global climate change issues and responses

Problem Set 1 posted
3a Field Toolbox 1: Energy transfer and conversion methods  
3b Golay

Drake, Elisabeth. “Energy and sustainability issues.” 10.391J, January 2007.

Sustainability, energy, and clean technologies in context

4a Wright Recitation 1: Discussion of sustainability issues

Problem Set 1 due

Problem Set 2 posted

Initial Term Paper Prospectus due

4b Golay Toolbox 2: Resource evaluation and depletion analyses  
5a Field Toolbox 3: Energy conversion, transmission, and storage  
5b Katherine Dykes, MIT Engineering Systems Division “Wind power fundamentals.” (contributions from Alex Kalmikov & Kathy Araujo)  
6a Wright Toolbox 4: Systems analysis methodologies

Problem Set 2 due

Problem Set 3 posted

6b Golay Toolbox 5: Energy supply, demand, and storage planning

Initial Term Paper Prospectus returned

7a Stephen Fairfax, MTechnology, Inc.

“Changes in the Electric Power Sector.”

The electric power system and requirements for success

7b Tim Heidel, MIT Energy Initiative

“New Challenges and Opportunities for the Electric Grid.”

Historical factor and prospects for change in the electric power grid

8a Wright Toolbox 6: Electrical systems dynamics

Revised Term Paper Prospectus due

8b Wright Toolbox 7: Economic feasibility assessment methods  
9a Field Toolbox 8: Thermodynamics and efficiency calculations

Problem Set 3 due

Problem Set 4 posted

9b Robert Stavins, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

“International Climate Change Policy: From Copenhagen to Cancún, and Beyond.”

Carbon limitation policy options

Part II: Specific energy technologies
10 Golay Nuclear energy I: Basics and current status  
11a Field Fossil energy I Term Paper Advisors assigned
11b Green

“The Dominant Piece of the Energy System: Fossil Fuels.”

Fossil energy II

12a Craig Olmsted, Cape Wind Cape Wind energy and offshore wind projects  
12b Ernest Moniz, MIT Physics / Engineering Systems Division Current energy policy  
13a Ralph Gakenheimer, MIT Urban Studies and Planning

“Transport Issues and the Environment in Latin America.”

Transportation in developing countries

Problem Set 4 due

Problem Set 5 posted

13b Green Fossil energy III  
14a Ralph Izzo, PSEG Electricity generation options  
14b Golay Nuclear energy II: Waste disposal and Yucca Mountain  
15a Golay Nuclear energy III: Expansion of civilian nuclear power and proliferation  
15b Wright Fusion as a future energy source? Take-Home Exam 1 posted
16a Michael Fehler, MIT Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Carbon management options  
16b Michael Fehler, MIT Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Geothermal energy

Problem Set 5 due

Problem Set 6 posted

17 Vladimir Bulovic, MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

“Capturing Solar Energy.”

Solar photovoltaics and thermal energy

Term Paper Outline (with references) due

Schedule meeting with Term Paper advisor

18 Hussein Abdelhalim, Mark Artz, et al. Recitation 2: Carbon limitation options / critique (student-led discussion)

Problem Set 6 due

Problem Set 7 posted

19a Green Biomass I: Resources and uses  
19b Green Biomass II: Producing liquid fuels  
Part III: Energy end use, option assessment, and tradeoff analysis
20a Don MacKenzie, MIT Engineering Systems Division

“Automotive Technologies and Fuel Economy Policy.” (contributions from Irene Berry)


Draft Term Paper due
20b Addison Stark, MIT Mechanical Engineering Lifecycle analysis of biomass conversion  
21a Katherine Dykes, MIT Engineering Systems Division

“Systems Dynamics & Sustainable Energy.”

Wind system dynamics, barriers to entry

Problem Set 7 due

Problem Set 8 posted

21b Donald Sadoway, MIT Materials Science & Engineering

“Electrochemical Approaches to Electrical Energy Storage.”

Electrochemical energy conversions

22a Leon Glicksman, MIT Architecture / Mechanical Engineering

“The Energy Crisis: A Neglected Solution.”

Sustainable buildings in developing countries

22b Golay Toolbox 9: Probabilistic risk analysis  
23 Edward Alfano, et al. Recitation 3: Current energy policy / critique (student-led discussion)

Problem Set 8 due

Take-Home Exam 2 posted

Term Paper Revisions returned

24a John Reilly, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Why so little progress on international climate negotiations?”

Corporate and international efforts to abate global climate change; sustainability and global business

Take-Home Exam 2 due
24b Golay Hydropower  
25a Robert Stoner, MIT Energy Initiative

“Sustainable Energy: Options for Africa.”

Challenges and options for electricity systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

25b Golay/all Course summary, panel discussion Final Term Paper due