22.091 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Nuclear Reactor Safety


Required Text

[RAK] = Knief, R. A. Nuclear Engineering: Theory and Technology of Commercial Nuclear Power. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Hemisphere, 1992. ISBN: 9781560320890.

Supplemental Text for Power Conversion Lectures

[MMEW] = El-Wakil, M. M. Nuclear Energy Conversion. Scranton, PA: Intext Educational Publishers, 1971. ISBN: 9780700223107.

General Readings

NRC Regulations Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations – Appendix A to Part 50, General Design Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants. U. S. NRC.

NRC Regulations Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations – Appendix B to Part 50, Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants. U. S. NRC.

NRC Regulations Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations – Part 50, Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization Facilities. U. S. NRC.

Safety Culture Evaluation of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station. Conducted by Performance, Safety, and Health Associates, Inc. April 14, 2003. (PDF)


Overview, goals of course

Review of reactor types

Chapters 1, 2, and 4 [RAK]
2 Review of reactor physics Chapter 4 [RAK]
3 Review of reactor kinetics and control Chapters 5 and 6 [RAK]
4 Review of feedback effects and depletion Chapter 6 [RAK]
6 Reactor heat removal Chapter 7 [RAK]
7 Design issues: power cycles for nuclear plants

Chapters 8, 9, and 10 [RAK]

Chapter 2 [MMEW]

8 Power cycles for nuclear plants – Rankine and Brayton cycle Chapters 7 and 8 [MMEW]
10 Safety systems and functions

Chapter 13 [RAK]

11 Safety analysis report and LOCA Chapter 15 [RAK]
21 Significant nuclear accidents – Three Mile Island Rogovin, Mitchell. Three Mile Island: A Report to the Commissioners and to the Public, Volume 1. Washington DC, Washington: NRC, 1980.
22 Significant nuclear accidents – Chernobyl Chapter 15 [RAK]
24 Role of safety culture

FENOC Requests

Sorensen, J. N. “Safety Culture: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art.” Reliability Engineering and System Safety 76, (2002): 189-204.

Kadak, Andrew, C. “What’s A Safety Culture? How Do I Get It? How Do I Keep It?” Nuclear Nonoperating Owner’s Group, Boston, MA (September 28, 1989): 1-11. (PDF)

25 Current regulatory issues NRC Generic Letter 92-01, Revision 1, Supplement: Reactor Vessel Structural Integrity. May 19, 1995. U. S. NRC. (PDF - 2.6MB)

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