22.105 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Electromagnetic Interactions


Disclaimer: These notes were transcribed from the handwritten notes that were used for the course lectures, and may contain typographical errors. Please use the feedback link at the top of this page to let us know about those you may find. Some of the illustrative figures from other sources are absent due to copyright restrictions.

This course was based off of lecture notes by Professor Ian Hutchinson from a previous year. These notes are provided below, with permission from the instructor.

  1. Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Fields (PDF - 5.6 MB)
    1. Introduction
    2. Vector Calculus and Notation
    3. Electrostatics and Gauss’ Theorem
    4. Electric Current in Distributed Media
    5. Magnetic Potential
    6. Electromagnetism and Magnets
  2. Particle Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields (PDF)
    1. Electric Field Alone
    2. Electrostatic Acceleration and Focussing
    3. Uniform Magnetic Field
    4. Dynamic Accelerators
    5. Magnetic Quadrupole Focussing (Alternating Gradient)
    6. Force on Distributed Current Density
  3. Dynamics of the Electromagnetic Fields (PDF)
    1. Maxwell Displacement Current
    2. Field Dynamics, Energy and Momentum
    3. Inductance, Energy, and Magnet Stresses
    4. Potentials for Time Varying Fields
    5. Advanced and Retarded Solutions
  4. Radiation By Moving Charges (PDF)
    1. Potentials and Fields of a Moving Point Charge
    2. Potential of a Point Charge in Uniform Motion
    3. Fields of a Generally-Moving Charge
    4. Radiation from Moving Charges
    5. Radiation from Relativistic Particles
    6. Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation
  5. Atomic Structure and Processes (PDF)
    1. Elementary Atomic Structure
    2. Atomic Processes in Electromagnetic Interactions
    3. The Photoelectric Effect
    4. Electrons and Pair Production
  6. Collisions of Charged Particles (PDF - 6.7 MB)
    1. Elastic Collisions
    2. Inelastic Collisions
    3. Angular Scattering from Nuclei
    4. Summary
  7. Radiation from Charged Particle Interaction with Matter (PDF)
    1. Bremsstrahlung
    2. C 20 Cerenkov Radiation

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