22.68J | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Superconducting Magnets


1 Introduction

Superconductivity and Applications

Prospects and Challenges

Homework 1 due
2 Electromagnetic Fields

Static Fields

Time-varying Fields

Homework 2 due
3 Magnets and Fields

Law of Biot and Savart, Solenoids, Hybrid

Dipoles, Quadrupoles, Toroid

Homework 3 due
4 Magnetic Forces and Stresses

Forces in Magnets

Stresses, Structural Design

Homework 4 due
5 _Cryogenics
Operation at 4.2K, 1.8K, 20-77K, Cryocooler

Leads, Experimental Techniques

Homework 5 due
6 Quiz 1 (Open Book): Covers Lectures 1-5  
7 _Conductors
Nb-Ti and A15 Conductors

Cable-in-Conduit Conductors (CICC), HTS

8 _Magnetic Instabilities
Bean’s Critical State Model, Magnetization

Flux Jumping, Multifilaments, HTS Windings

Homework 6 due
9 Stability

Cryostability, Dynamic Stability

The MPZ Concept, CICC

Homework 7 due
10 _AC and Other Disturbances
AC Losses

Splice and Mechanical Losses

Homework 8 due
11 Protection and HTS Magnets


HTS Magnets

Homework 9 due
12 Quiz 2 (Open Book): Covers primarily Lectures 6-10  

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