22.920 | January IAP 1997 | Graduate

A Hands-On Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 4 sessions / week for 2 weeks, 2 hours / session


The course provides an introduction to NMR for those who wish to have a background in both the classical theory and in the instrumentation. The course will be run as a series of 8 lectures, each of which will be followed be laboratory experiments to demonstrate the ideas that were presented during the lecture and to familiarize students with state of the art NMR instrumentation. The experiments will cover topics ranging from spin dynamics, to spectroscopy and will include imaging.


Ses # Topics
1 General Introduction to Magnetic Resonance
2 Bloch’s equation; Rotating Reference Frame; RF Pulses
3 Magnetic Field Gradients, k-space Diffusion
4 Spin Echoes; Hahn Echo; 90 - 90 echo; Stimulated Echo
5 NMR Imaging; 2D Images; Slice Selection
6 More Imaging; Spin Echo vs Gradient Echo; Resolution; Flow
7 Spectroscopy; Chemical shifts; Couplings; Assignments
8 2D Spectroscopy, and the COSY Experiment

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January IAP 1997
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