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MIT Libraries Thesis Preparation Styles and Requirements

Templates for NSE S.B. Thesis Cover Page and Abstract Page (PDF)

Editable theses for use as templates:

  • S. B. Thesis in Microsoft Word Format (DOC - 27MB)
    Professor Short’s S. B. thesis, 2005. Use this as a template if you choose to use MSWord.
  • PhD Thesis in LyX Format (ZIP - 45MB) (The ZIP file contains: 8 .aux files, 1 .bak file, 2 .bbl files, 1 .bib file, 1 .cls file, 1 .layout file, 2 .lof files, 16 .lyx files, 1 .lyx~ file, 2 .performance monitor files, 1 .sty file, 17 .tex files, 3 text document files, 2 .toc files, 2 .pdf files, 135 .jpeg files, 128 .png files.)
    Professor Short’s PhD thesis, from 2010. Use this as a template for LyX, and export it to LaTeX if you so desire. MIT style files are included.

Sample Work from Prior 22.THT Students

Prospectuses are courtesy of the students, used with permission; theses are © MIT.

Nicolas Lopez Development of a Nanoscale Magnetometer Through Utilization of the Nitrogen-Vacancy Defect in Diamonds (PDF) (Courtesy of Nicolas Lopez. Used with permission.) All-Optical Method of Nanoscale Magnetometry for Ensembles of Nitrogen-Vacancy Defects in Diamond (PDF)
Minh Dinh Effect of Lattice Strain on Stoichiometry and Ionic Transport in Oxide Materials (Nd{{< sub “2” >}}NiO{{< sub “4+δ” >}} and ZrO{{< sub “2” >}}) (PDF - 1.5MB) (Courtesy of Minh Dinh. Used with permission.) First-principles Study of the Surfaces of Zirconium during Early Stages of Metal Oxidation (PDF)
MIT student Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Application of a Sub-Wave length Microwave Lens (PDF) (Courtesy of MIT student. Used with permission.) Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Application of a Sub-Wavelength Microwave Lens (PDF)

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