24.02 | Fall 2008 | Undergraduate

Moral Problems and the Good Life


1 Introduction  
I. Value and the good life
2 Hedonism  
3 Desire satisfaction and the good  
4 Objective goods Argument analysis 1 due
5 Immortality  
6 Three moral theories  
7 Film: “The Global Banquet: Politics of Food Paper 1 due
8 Film: “Skin Deep  
II. The moral community
9 Animal rights  
10 Consuming animals  
11 The value of nature  
12 Environmentalism Argument analysis 2 due
III. Obligations to others

A. Global justice

13 The distant needy Last day to submit paper 1 revisions (two days after Ses #13)
14 Famine relief  
15 Addressing structural injustice  

B. Racism, sexism and speech

16 Racism: attitudes and structures Paper 2 due

Affirmative action

Guest lecture: Adam Hosein, MIT Linguistics and Philosophy

18 Racist speech  
19 Hate speech  
20 Free speech and pornography  
21 Pornography and equality Last day to submit paper 2 revisions

C. Sexual morality and marriage

22 Film: “Tying the Knot  
23 Sexual morality  
24 Homosexuality Paper 3 due two days after Ses #24
25 Gay and lesbian marriage  
26 Final lecture, exam questions distributed  

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