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Good Food: Ethics and Politics of Food

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Global Justice

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Social Meaning

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UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center

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Health and Human Welfare

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Vegetarianism and Animal Welfare

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Oxfam America

Equal Exchange

Boston Food Not Bombs!

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FLOW: For Love of Water. Directed by Irena Salina. Oscilloscope Laboratories, 2008.

Tapped. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey. Atlas Films, 2009.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars. Directed by Sam Bozzo. PBS, 2008.

Waste = Food. Directed by Grant Baldwin. Blacklight, 2010.

Examined Life. Directed by Astra Taylor. Sphinx Productions, 2009.


Mindmeister Website

Project Bread 2016 Status Report on hunger in Massachusetts

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