24.03 | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

Good Food: Ethics and Politics of Food

Lecture Notes

 Guest lectures provided courtesy of Rose Lenehan and Abby Jaques and are used with permission.

session lecture notes
1: Introduction No lecture notes available
2: Moral Theory Three Moral Theories (PDF)
3: Global Hunger (Consequentialist Ethics Approach) Consequentialism and Famine (PDF)
4: Global Hunger (Harm Principle) No lecture notes available
5: Global Hunger (Political Approaches) Deontology and Famine (PDF)
6: Famine Relief: Ethics or Politics Politics and Famine (PDF)
7: Justice and Oppression Oppression (PDF)
8: Food Sovereignty Food Security and Food Sovereignty (PDF)
9: Food and Identity Food and Social Meaning (PDF)
10: Gender, Race, Religion, and … Religion, Virtue and Food Production (PDF)
11: Justice in Food Production Justice and Food Production (PDF)
12: Capitalism and Liberty Capitalism and Liberty (PDF)
13: Capitalism and the Food System, part 1 Capitalism and the Food System, part 1 (PDF)
14: Film Screening Watch Flow: For the Love of Water
15: Capitalism and the Food System, part 2 Capitalism and the Food System, part 2 (PDF)
16: Speciesism Animal Liberation and Moral Community (PDF)
17: Respect for Animals Animal Welfare and Industrial Animal Agriculture (PDF)
18: Harming and Killing Is it Bad to Kill Animals? (PDF)
19: Vegetarianism and Veganism Consumer Ethics (PDF)
20: Waste and Freeganism (Gleaning) Waste (PDF)
21: Food, for Free No lecture notes available
22: Industrial Plant Agriculture Industrial Plant Agriculture: Weighing Values? (PDF)
23: Environmentalism Environmentalism (PDF)
24: Locavorism Locavorism (PDF)
25: GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Good, Bad, or ??? (PDF)
26: Final lecture wrap-up No lecture notes available

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