Lecture Notes

These lecture notes have been developed over many years and draw on material presented by Alan Code in his Introduction to Ancient Philosophy course given at UC-Berkeley in the 1980s when I served as his Teaching Assistant. Prof. Code has granted permission for use of the material which is, at this point, integrated throughout the notes.

1 Introduction  
2 Socrates and the Sophists Characteristic Socratic Theses ( PDF)
3 Socrates and the Law Characteristic Socratic Theses (cont.) ( PDF)
4 Socratic Method Euthyphro and the Elenchus ( PDF)
5 Knowledge and Learning Meno on Knowledge and Inquiry ( PDF)
6 Prudential Paradox Meno on Knowledge and Inquiry (cont.) ( PDF)
7 Immortality and the Soul Immortality in the Phaedo ( PDF)
8 Introduction of the Forms Notes on Platonic Forms ( PDF)
9 Why Be Moral? Republic I-II ( PDF)
10 Justice in the City Social Justice and Psychic Justice in the Republic ( PDF)
11 Justice in the Soul Social Justice and Psychic Justice in the Republic (cont.) ( PDF)
12 Theory of Forms Plato’s Sun, Line, and Cave ( PDF)
13 Happiness, Liberty, and Social Engineering Plato on Happiness ( PDF)
14 Aristotle on Plato Third Man Argument ( PDF)

Aristotle’s Categories and Early Thoughts on Substance ( PDF)

15 Matter and Form Aristotle’s Categories II ( PDF)
16 Essence, God Aristotle’s Four Causes ( PDF)
17 On the Soul Aristotle on Science ( PDF)
18 Perception, Understanding Aristotle on Primary Substance ( PDF)
19 Happiness Aristotle on the Human Good ( PDF)
20 Virtue The Greek Conception of Virtue ( PDF)
21 Weakness of Will Socrates on Weakness of Will (Akrasia) ( PDF)
22 Friendship Aristotle: Voluntary/Involuntary ( PDF)
23 Contemplation Epicurean Empiricism ( PDF)
24 Epicurean Atomism Lucretius on Death ( PDF)
25 Epicurean Morality Lucretius on Death (cont.) ( PDF)
26 Death Lucretius on Death (cont.) ( PDF)

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