24.200 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Ancient Philosophy

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes have been developed over many years and draw on material presented by Alan Code in his Introduction to Ancient Philosophy course given at UC-Berkeley in the 1980s when I served as his Teaching Assistant. Prof. Code has granted permission for use of the material which is, at this point, integrated throughout the notes.

1 Introduction  
2 Socrates and the Sophists Characteristic Socratic Theses (PDF)
3 Socrates and the Law Characteristic Socratic Theses (cont.) (PDF)
4 Socratic Method Euthyphro and the Elenchus (PDF)
5 Knowledge and Learning Meno on Knowledge and Inquiry (PDF)
6 Prudential Paradox Meno on Knowledge and Inquiry (cont.) (PDF)
7 Immortality and the Soul Immortality in the Phaedo (PDF)
8 Introduction of the Forms Notes on Platonic Forms (PDF)
9 Why Be Moral? Republic I-II (PDF)
10 Justice in the City Social Justice and Psychic Justice in the Republic (PDF)
11 Justice in the Soul Social Justice and Psychic Justice in the Republic (cont.) (PDF)
12 Theory of Forms Plato’s Sun, Line, and Cave (PDF)
13 Happiness, Liberty, and Social Engineering Plato on Happiness (PDF)
14 Aristotle on Plato Third Man Argument (PDF)

Aristotle’s Categories and Early Thoughts on Substance (PDF)

15 Matter and Form Aristotle’s Categories II (PDF)
16 Essence, God Aristotle’s Four Causes (PDF)
17 On the Soul Aristotle on Science (PDF)
18 Perception, Understanding Aristotle on Primary Substance (PDF)
19 Happiness Aristotle on the Human Good (PDF)
20 Virtue The Greek Conception of Virtue (PDF)
21 Weakness of Will Socrates on Weakness of Will (Akrasia) (PDF)
22 Friendship Aristotle: Voluntary/Involuntary (PDF)
23 Contemplation Epicurean Empiricism (PDF)
24 Epicurean Atomism Lucretius on Death (PDF)
25 Epicurean Morality Lucretius on Death (cont.) (PDF)
26 Death Lucretius on Death (cont.) (PDF)

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