24.200 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Ancient Philosophy

Study Materials

Students must participate in a “text analysis presentation” [TAP] twice during the term. In a TAP, pairs of students are assigned a paragraph of text and are responsible for presenting an interpretation of the passage to the class, together with several follow-up discussion questions. Normally TAPs will occur on Wednesdays, though Mondays may be added to accommodate everyone. Sign-up for TAPs will begin during the first class.

Text Analysis Presentations

  • TAP: Meno on Knowledge and Learning (PDF)
  • TAP: Immortality in the Phaedo (PDF)
  • TAP: “Why Be Moral?” Republic I-IV (PDF)
  • TAP: Philosopher Kings (and Queens?) (PDF)
  • TAP: Aristotle on God (PDF)
  • TAP: Aristotle on Virtue (PDF)
  • TAP: Aristotle on Friendship (PDF)
  • TAP: Lucretius on Free Will (PDF)

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