24.211 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate
Theory of Knowledge


The table below features the topics discussed during this course as well as due dates for the assignments.

1 The Skeptical Problem  
2–3 What is Knowledge?  
4–5 Skepticism and Common Sense Short writing assignment 1 due during session 4
6–7 The Closure of Knowledge Short writing assignment 2 due during session 6
8–9 Sensitivity and Safety Short writing assignment 3 due during session 8
10–11 Dogmatism and Bootstrapping Short writing assignment 4 due during session 10
12–13 Default Entitlement  
14–15 Inference to the Best Explanation  
16–17 Knowledge and Certainty Midterm paper due during session 16
18–19 Contextualism and Practical Interests  
20 The Lottery Paradox, Part 1  
21 The Lottery Paradox, Part 2
Guest lecturer: Said Saillant
22 The Lottery Paradox, Part 3
Guest lecturer: Ian Wells
23–26 Semantic Externalism Final paper due during session 26
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