24.241 | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Logic I

Lecture Notes

Slides and handouts are available for selected lectures below.

2 Truth-functionality; introduction to sentential logic (SL) syntax and semantics; translation   (PDF)
4 Truth-tables and logical properties of compound sentences   (PDF)
9 Introduction to meta-theory; mathematical induction (PDF)  
10 Soundness of SD/SD+ (PDF)  
11 Completeness of SD/SD+ (PDF)  
13 Open sentences; free vs. bound variables; scope, multiply quantified sentences; definite descriptions; properties of relations (PDF)  
14 Identity; functions, translation to and from predicate logic (PL)   (PDF)
18 Formal PL/PLE semantics continued; review (PDF) (PDF)
22 Meta-theory: Soundness of PD, PD+, PDE (PDF)  
23 Meta-theory: Completeness of PD (PDF)  
24 Meta-theory: Completeness continued; PD+; PDE (PDF)  

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