24.900 | Spring 2022 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Linguistics

Readings and Other Resources

Readings for Written Assignment 1

Berent, I., Lennertz, T., Jun, J., Moreno, M., and Smolensky, P. (2008). “Language Universals in Human Brains.” PNAS 105(14), 5321–5325.

Culbertson, J., and Adger, D. (2014). “Language Learners Privilege Structured Meaning over Surface Frequency.” PNAS 111(16), 5842–5847.

Optional Reading

Young, V. A. (2010). “Should Writers Use They Own English?” Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 12(1), 110–118.

Other Resources

IPA Chart (from the International Phonetic Association website)

Seeing Speech (IPA chart with MRIs)

IPA Palette (an easy way to type IPA on a MAC)

IPA Wordle

Another IPA Wordle

Speech Perception (sinewave synthesis)

More on Speech Perception (a talking piano)

The McGurk Effect (YouTube)

UCLA Phonetics Lab Data

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