24.901 | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate, Graduate
Language and Its Structure I: Phonology

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction, course overview, vowels: articulatory description and transcription (PDF)
2-3 Consonants: articulatory description and transcription; distinctive features (PDF)
4 Phonological versus phonetic representations (PDF)
5 Alternations and derivations I (PDF)
6 Alternations and derivations II (PDF)
7 Constraints (PDF)
8 Phonetics I: acoustics of vowels, using Praat (PDF)
9 Phonetics II: acoustics of consonants (PDF)
10 Phonetics III: suprasegmentals (PDF)
11 Feature geometry (PDF)
12 Course review  
13 Sociolinguistic variables (PDF)
14 American English dialects (PDF)
15 Tone I: African languages (PDF)
16 Tone II: Asian languages (PDF)
17 Tone III: intonation and phrasing (PDF)
18 Syllables I: structure and syllabification (PDF)
19 Syllables II: sonority (PDF)
20 Stress I: prominence (PDF)
21 Stress II: rhythm (PDF)
22 Stress III: weight (PDF)
23 Prosodic morphology: reduplication and truncation (PDF)
24 Loanword phonology (PDF)
25 Review (PDF)
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