24.902 | Fall 2015 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Language and its Structure II: Syntax


1 The Hierarchical Organization of Language  
2 More on Building Syntactic Trees; Plus Locality Considerations; Theta-Roles  
3 More on Theta-Roles; Case; Basics of Binding Theory  
4 Binding Theory; Syntactic Movement; Embedded vs. Matrix Questions and Wh-movement  
5 Islands and Movement  
6 Verb Movement  
7 Verbs, Tense and Agreement  
8 A-Movement  
9 More on Movement  
10 The Uniformity of Theta Assignment Hypothesis (UTAH)  
11 Empirical Arguments for PRO  
12 Obligatory and Non-obligatory Control  
13 Pro versus PRO  
14 Covert Movement  
15 Tense and Aspect Paper due three days after Session 15
16 Polysynthesis  
17 Conditionals  
18 Gerunds Paper revision due one day after Session 18
19 Free Relatives  
20 Review Final exam four days after Session 20

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