24.946 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language

Lecture Notes

1 Nature of Optional Movement (PDF)
2 Nature of Optional Movement (cont.) (PDF)
3 The EPP, Agreement and Focus I (PDF)
4 The EPP, Agreement and Focus II: With Reference to Bantu (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
5 The EPP, Agreement and Focus III: Questioning (Certain) parametric variations: wh-movement vs. wh-in-situ, agreement vs. nonagreement (PDF)
6 EPP, Syntactic Locality, and Floated Quantifiers (PDF)
7 Scrambling and QR: QR is Scrambling (PDF)
8 Weak Islands (PDF)
Intervention Effect (PDF)
9 A-chain in Acquisition (PDF)
10 Agreement, Case, and Verbal Morphology: ga/no Conversion and Related Issues
11 Noun Phrase Ellipsis
12 Noun Phrase Ellipsis (cont.)

DP Structure

13 Make-up Class: -Wa, -Ga

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