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Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language




Nature of Optional Movement

Miyagawa, Shigeru. “EPP and semantically vacuous scrambling.” In The Free Word Order Phenomenon: Its Syntactic Sources and Diversity. Edited by Joachim Sabel, and Mamoru Saito. Berlin, Germany: Mouton de Gruyter. (To appear)


Nature of Optional Movement (cont.)

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The EPP, Agreement and Focus I

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The EPP, Agreement and Focus II: With Reference to Bantu

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The EPP, Agreement and Focus III: Questioning (Certain) parametric variations: wh-movement vs. wh-in-situ, agreement vs. nonagreement

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EPP, Syntactic Locality, and Floated Quantifiers

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Scrambling and QR: QR is Scrambling

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Weak Islands, Intervention Effect

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A-chain in Acquisition

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Agreement, Case, and Verbal Morphology: ga/no Conversion and Related Issues

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Noun Phrase Ellipsis

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Noun Phrase Ellipsis (cont.)

DP Structure

Watanabe, Akira. “Indeterminates and determiners.” In Proceedings of Workshop in Altaic Formal Linguistics. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, 2004.


Make-up Class: -Wa, -Ga

Buy at MIT Press Kuno, Susumu. “Particles.” In The Structure of the Japanese Language. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1973, pp. 37-95. ISBN: 0262110490.

A work by Yoshi Kitagawa and collaborator.

Except from Shin Ishihara’s 2003 MIT dissertation.

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