24.961 | Fall 2014 | Graduate
Introduction to Phonology

Lecture Notes

1 Basic Premises of the Generative Approach Lecture 1 Notes (PDF)
Rule-based Derivational Model
2 Early Generative Model Lecture 2 Notes (PDF)
3 Ordered Rules Lecture 3 Notes (PDF)
4 Derivational Constraints and Conspiracies Lecture 4 Notes (PDF)
5 Phonotactics and Markedness Lecture 5 Notes (PDF)
Optimality Theory model
6 OT-1: The Basics Lecture 6 Notes (PDF)
7 OT-2: Allophonic Distribution and Phonological Scales Lecture 7 Notes (PDF)
8 OT-3: Positional Faithfulness, Constraint Conjunction, Global Comparison Lecture 8 Notes (PDF)
9 OT-4: Serial Derivations Lecture 9 Notes (PDF)
Autosegmental Phonology
10 Feature Organization-1 Lecture 10 Notes (PDF)
11 Feature Organization-2: Organization Below The Root Node Lecture 11 Notes (PDF)
12 Feature Organization-3: Underspecification Lecture 12 Notes (PDF)
13 Licensing by Cue and P-Map Lecture 13 Notes (PDF)
14 Contrast and Perceptual Distinctiveness Lecture 14 Notes (PDF)
15 Tone-1: African Languages Lecture 15 Notes (PDF)
16 Tone-2: Asian Languages Lecture 16 Notes (PDF)
17 Harmony-1 Lecture 17 Notes (PDF)
18 Harmony-2 Lecture 18 Notes (PDF)
Prosodic Phonology
19 Syllable-1: Sonority Lecture 19 Notes (PDF)
20 Syllable-2: Syllable Parsing Lecture 20 Notes (PDF)

Syllable-3: Weight

Lecture 21 Notes (PDF)
22 Stress-1: Metrical Grid Lecture 22 Notes (PDF)
23 Stress-2: Trochaic Typology Lecture 23 Notes (PDF)
24 Stress-3: Stress in Windows Lecture 24 Notes (PDF)
25 Stress-4: Peak Prominence Systems Lecture 25 Notes (PDF)
26 Prosodic Morphology-1 Lecture 26 Notes (PDF)
27a Prosodic Morphology-2a: Hypocoristics and Clippings: Three Case Studies Lecture 27a Notes (PDF)
27b Prosodic Morphology-2b: Hypocoristics in Fon (Ewe) and Spanish Lecture 27b Notes (PDF)
27c Prosodic Morphology-2c: Japanese Hypocoristics, Truncations, and Argots Lecture 27c Notes (PDF)
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