3.014 | Fall 2006 | Undergraduate

Materials Laboratory


Before Labs Begin
Safety Training Hazardous Chemical Training Bob Edwards and Bill Trabilicy, EHS Office

Radiation Safety Training Thomas Hasselbacher, EHS Office Pass safety course (online)
Lab Week 1
α Amorphous Polymers α1 Polymer Structures Dr. Meri Treska

α2 Polymer Conformation Prof. Francesco Stellacci

β Glass Materials β1 Structure of Borate Glasses Mr. Benjamin Hardy Wunsch

β2 Structure of Borate Glasses Prof. Linn Hobbs/Mr. Dilan A. Seneviratne

γ Quantifying Thermodynamic Properties of Materials γ1 Thermal Energy Storage Dr. Geetha P. Berera

γ2 Magnetic Work Prof. Silvija Gradecak

Two Recitations Lab Week 1 Discussion Course TAs Week 1 report due Friday of following week
Lab Week 2
α Quantifying Thermodynamic Properties α1 Liquid Crystal Prof. Silvija Gradecak

α2 Mechanical Work Mr. Benjamin Hardy Wunsch

β Crystalline Structures β1 Radius Ratios in Ionic Crystals Prof. Francesco Stellacci

β2 Crystal Polymorphs Dr. Geetha P. Berera

γ Diffraction Principles γ1 Derivative Structures Dr. Meri Treska

γ2 Laser Diffraction Prof. Linn Hobbs

Two Recitations Lab Week 2 Discussion Course TAs Week 2 report due Friday of following week
Lab Week 3
α Materials as “Particle in a Box” Models α1 F-centers Mr. Benjamin Hardy Wunsch

α2 Quantum Dots Prof. Francesco Stellacci

β Visualizing Gibbs Free Energy β1 Batteries Dr. Geetha P. Berera

β2 Corrosion Prof. Linn Hobbs

γ Phase Transitions γ1 Phase Separation Dr. Meri Treska

γ2 Ferromagnetic Transitions Prof. Silvija Gradecak

Two Recitations Lab Week 3 Discussion Course TAs Week 3 report due Friday two weeks later
Lab Week 4
α Bonds and Wavefunctions α1 Electron Wavefunctions Prof. Silvija Gradecak

α2 Delocalization Mr. Benjamin Hardy Wunsch

β Vibration in Materials β1 Phonon Curves Prof. Francesco Stellacci

β2 Mechanical Strength and Vibrations Prof. Linn Hobbs

γ Phase Diagrams γ1 Eutectics Dr. Geetha P. Berera

γ2 Order Disorder Transitions Dr. Meri Treska

Two Recitations Lab Week 4 Discussion Course TAs

Final Exam Week 4 Lab Report (Memo) Written During Final Exam Period

Week 4 report due
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