3.024 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials


The recitation notes included below are from the prior year, with topics that may not precisely match this year’s calendar. These notes are courtesy of Adam F. Hannon, used with permission.

Rec 1

Fourier transform and Fourier series

Linear algebra review

Eigenvalue / eigenvector problems

Recitation 1 (PDF)
Rec 2

Hamilton mechanics review

Taylor series review and hyperbolic function review

Wave-particle duality

Recitation 2 (PDF)
Rec 3

Schrödinger: Eigenfunction problems and operator properties

Piecewise function / continuity review

Recitation 3 (PDF)
Rec 4

Quantum mechanics review

Periodic potentials preview

Recitation 4 (PDF)
Rec 5

N-coupled periodic oscillators review

Periodic potentials

Recitation 5 (PDF)
Rec 6

Central equation for periodic systems

Band diagrams

Recitation 6 (PDF)
Rec 7 Exam major concepts review Recitation 7 (PDF)
Rec 8

Electronic band diagram review

Spin review

Density of states

Fermi-Dirac distribution

Recitation 8 (PDF)
Rec 9

Intrinsic semiconductors

Doped semiconductors

Engineering conductivity

Recitation 9 (PDF)
Rec 10 P-N junctions Recitation 10 (PDF)
Rec 11

P-N junction carrier generation

Solar cells

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

Recitation 11 (PDF)
Rec 12


Wave optics

Optical interfaces

Recitation 12 (PDF)
Rec 13

A “light” review

Layered optical materials

Recitation 13 (PDF)
Rec 14 Origins of magnetism in materials Recitation 14 (PDF)
Rec 15

Final exam toolbox review:

 Quantum mechanics

 Solid state physics

 Electrodynamics, optics, and magnetism

Recitation 15 (PDF)