3.094 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Materials in Human Experience


This course is taught utilizing three learning modules each semester. The calendar below reflects the schedule for one module of the course.

1 Lecture 1: Ancient Metallurgy of the New World and the Old World: Cultures and Materials Properties Compared
2 Lecture 2: Extractive Metallurgy: Winning Metal from Metallic Ores

Ancient Andean Smelting Technologies

3 Laboratory 1: Smelting Copper Ore: Preparation of Crucible Charge

Ingot formation

4 Lecture 3: Andean Sheet Metal Tradition vs. Central/Mesoamerican Casting Tradition: Plastic Deformation in Andean Metalworking Design
5 Lecture 4: Color: The Focus of Andean Alloy Development and Surface Enrichment Techniques
6 Laboratory 2: Copper-silver Alloying: Preparation of Sand Moulds and Alloy Metals

Melting and Pouring Molten Alloy

7 Lecture 5: Color and Planarity: Cultural Significance of Metallic Properties in Andean Cosmology
8 Lecture 6: The Power of Metal in the Andean World: Bronze vs. Tumbaga
9 Laboratory 3: Copper-silver Alloying: Preparation of Silver-coated Sheet Metal from Ingot by Plastic Deformation, Annealing, Pickling
10 Lecture 7: Andean Metal Artifacts: Visit to the CMRAE Laboratories
11 Lecture 8: Field Trip

Laboratory 4: Copper-silver Alloying: Continuation of Sheet Metal Preparation

13 Lecture 9: Student Presentations