3.185 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering


1 Introduction
2 1-D, Cylindrical Steady-State Diffusion
3 Homogeneous Chemical Reaction
4-5 Unsteady Diffusion
6 Boundary Conditions, Biot Number
7 Dimensional Analysis
Heat Conduction and Radiation
8 Introduction: Energy Conservation
9 Transient Dimensional Analysis, Graphs
10 Finite Differences and the Heat Equation
11 Math Quiz, Multilayer Walls
12 Moving Body (Convection)
13 Phase Change, Thermal Conductivity
14-16 Radiation Heat Transfer
17 Test 1: Diffusion and Heat Conduction (through lecture 11)
Fluid Dynamics
18 Intro, Viscosity
19-20 1-D Laminar Momentum Diffusion
21-22 Navier-Stokes Equations
23 Using the Navier-Stokes Equations
24 Drag Coefficient on a Tube, Sphere
25 Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate
26 Drag Coefficient on a Flat Plate
27-28 Turbulent Flow Phenomena
Fluid Heat and Mass Transfer
29-30 Heat/Mass Flat Plate Boundary Layer
31 Test 2: Radiation, Fluid Flow (through lecture 25)
32-33 Natural Convection, Boundary Layers
34 Stream Function, Vorticity
35 Inviscid Flow, Bernoulli Equation
36-37 Batch and Continuous Flow Reactors
38 Process Cost Modeling
39 Final Review
40 Final Exam Period

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