3.185 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering

Lecture Notes

You can find the complete set of lecture notes as single-file download, in both pdf (PDF) as well as LaTex (TEX) formats.

1. Introduction (PDF)

2. Diffusion (PDF)

2.1 1-D Cartesian and Cylindrical Steady-State
2.2 Steady-State with Homogeneous Chemical Reaction
2.3 Unsteady-State Diffusion
2.4 9/11 remembered, ABET
2.5 Wrapup unsteady, boundary conditions
2.6 Boundary conditions, layer growth
2.7 Layer Growth, Dimensional Analysis

3. Heat Conduction (PDF)

3.1 Wrap up dimensional analysis, start heat conduction
3.2 Heat conduction: boundary layers, multilayer wall
3.3 Finally, the graphs!
3.4 Math Quiz, Graphs Wrapup, Newtonian Cooling
3.5 Moving on…
3.6 Finite Differences
3.7 More Finite Differences
3.8 Moving Body
3.9 Phase Change
3.10 Radiation
3.11 More Radiation

4. Fluid Dynamics (PDF)

4.1 Intro, Newtonian Fluids
4.2 Simple Newtonian Flows
4.3 1-D Laminar Newtonian Wrapup, Summary
4.4 Mechanics Analogy Revisited, Reynolds Number, Rheology
4.5 Navier-Stokes Equations!
4.6 Using the Navier-Stokes Equations
4.7 Drag Force
4.8 Drag Force on a Sphere
4.9 Boundary Layers Part I
4.10 Boundary Layers Part II
4.11 Turbulence
4.12 Turbulence (cont.)

5. Coupled Fluids with Heat and Mass Transfer (PDF)

5.1 Coupled Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer!
5.2 Nusselt Number, Heat and Mass Transfer Coefficients
5.3 Natural Convection
5.4 Wrapup Natural Convection
5.5 Wrapup Natural Convection, Streamfunction and Vorticity
5.6 Bernoulli, Semester Wrapup

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