Mechanical properties
1 Elasticity: stress, strain, linear elastic behaviour; measurement of Young’s modulus

2 Elasticity: generalized Hooke’s law, strain energy

3 Elasticity: physical origin of modulus for crystalline and rubbery materials; control of modulus; composites Problem set 1 out
4 Elasticity: thermo-elastic analysis of layered materials; Stoney’s formula for thin films on thick substrates

5 Viscoelasticity: creep and relaxation tests; linear viscoelasticity; Boltzmann superposition principle

Problem set 1 due;

Problem set 2 out

6 Viscoelasticity: spring-dashpot models, time-temperature equivalence for amorphous polymers, role of diffusion

7 Plasticity: plastic behaviour; data for yield strength; equations of plasticity: yield criteria

Problem set 2 due;

Problem set 3 out

8 Plasticity: dislocation mechanics

9 Plasticity: mechanism of low temperature plasticity; temperature dependence of yield strength

Problem set 3 due;

Problem set 4 out

10 Plasticity: microstructural strengthening mechanisms

Problem set 4 due;

Problem set 5 out

11 Fracture: Griffith crack theory; stress analysis of cracks; crack-tip plastic zone size; measurement of fracture toughness

12 Materials selection: optimization; material performance indices; materials selection charts; case studies

Problem set 5 due;

Problem set 6 out

13 Quiz 1

Electrical, optical, and magnetic properties
14 Micro to macro: conductivity

15 Electromagnetic waves in materials Problem set 1 out
16 Wave-particle duality

17 Fermi-Dirac, energy levels

18 Bloch model, band gaps Problem set 2 out
19 Metals and insulators

20 Semiconductors Problem set 3 out
21 Doping and conductivity

22 p-n junctions

23 Dielectrics and polarization Problem set 4 out
24 Optical fiber properties

25 Magnetic materials Problem sets 1-4 and 6 due
26 Quiz 2

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