Lecture Notes

This page contains lecture slides from the electric, optical, and magnetic properties unit. A topic outline for the lectures on elasticity in the mechanical unit is also available.

Elasticity topics (PDF)

Electrical, optical, and magnetic properties
14 Micro to macro: conductivity (PDF)
15 Electromagnetic waves in materials (PDF)
16 Wave-particle duality (PDF - 1.2 MB)
17 Fermi-Dirac, energy levels (PDF)
18 Bloch model, band gaps (PDF)
19 Metals and insulators (PDF)
20 Semiconductors (PDF)
21 Doping and conductivity (PDF)
22 p-n junctions (PDF)
23 Dielectrics and polarization (PDF)
24 Optical fiber properties (PDF)
25 Magnetic materials (PDF)
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