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Lec # Topics
1 Course Introduction and the Study of Welding
  Welding Videos
2 Joining
3 Bond Strength (PDF)
4 Thermal Diffusivity (PDF)
5 Forge Welding (PDF)
6 Cold Welding (PDF)
7 Adhesive Bonding (PDF)
8 Surface Preparation (PDF)
9 Examples of Adhesive Types (PDF)
10 Diffusion Bonding (PDF)
11 Diffusion Bonding (PDF)
12 Soldering (PDF)
13 Flux (PDF)
14 Brazing (PDF)
15 More Power (PDF)
16 Heat Intensity (PDF)
17 Flames (PDF)
18 Flame Cutting (PDF)
19 Plasmas and Properties of Plasmas (PDF)
20 Shielding Gases and Arc Ignition (PDF)
21 Arc Redux and Heat Flow in Welding 101
22 Plasma Arcs and Heatflow
23 Lasers and Electron Beams
24 Lasers and Electron Beams II

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