1 Introduction  
Classical Magnetism
2 Magnetostatics  
3 Magnetostatics (cont.) Problem set 1 due
4 Where Do Magnetic Moments Come From?  
Quantum Mechanics and Magnetism in Oxides and Metals
5 Spin, Anomalous Zeeman Effect, and Ferromagnetism  
6 Exchange in Insulators Problem set 2 due
7 Bonding and Magnetism Problem set 3 due
Magnetic Energies
8 Magnetic Anisotropy Problem set 4 due
9 Torque Measurement of Magnetic Anisotropy Problem set 5 due
10 Magnetoelastic Anisotropy  
11 Magnetic Domain Walls and Domains Problem set 6 due
12 Magnetic Domains Outline of written assignment due
13 Lab Experience  
14 Analysis and Discussion of Lab Results  
15 Magnetization Processes Problem set 7 due
16 Written Mid-term Exam  
Magnetic Materials and Applications
17 Soft Ferromagnetic Materials Behavior Problem set 8 due
18 Amorphous Magnetism Problem set 9 due
19 Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials  
20 Hard Magnetic Materials  
21 Transport in Magnetic Materials  
22 Surface and Thin Film Magnetism Written assignment due
23 Magnetic Recording  
24 Magnetic Recording Materials  
25-26 Oral Presentations by Students (20-30 minutes)

Problem set 10 due (in session 25)

Student projects due

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