3.46 | Spring 2006 | Graduate
Photonic Materials and Devices


This page presents the Design Review project assignments.

Each workgroup completes four design review projects during the term. These begin with an introduction and discussion during class, and proceed via Web site discussion forums and optional appointments with Prof. Kimerling. The final deliverables are:

  • 20 minute presentation (5-6 slides), during which all workgroup members must speak,
  • Two days later, submit corrected slides and a final two-page report.

Background Material

Petroski, H. “Engineers as Writers.” American Scientist 81 (1993): 419-423.

Preparing Mentally for a Presentation (PDF)

Design Reviews

Design Review 1 (PDF)

Design Review 2 (PDF)

Design Review 3 (PDF)

Design Review 4 (PDF)

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