4.110J | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Design Across Scales, Disciplines and Problem Contexts


The calendar below includes lectures, labs, as well as other class sessions set aside for in-class student presentations of the assignments. Several lectures are given by guest speakers, as indicated in the italics.

L1 Design Across Scales: Intersections between Design, Science, and Technology
Lab 1

2-Dimensional Presentational Design Tools and Animation Tools

  • Image processing and illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop® (filtering, blending, masking, batch processing)
  • Adobe Illustrator® (vector drawing)
  • File exchange
  • Animation (after effects, video effects, timeline animation, composition flash, timeline, vector animation, interaction)
L2 Design of Futures: Past Futures, Utopian Visions, and Tomorrows of Today
Lab 2 Data Mining and Databases: CSV Database, Rapid Miner, XML, MySQL
L3 Design of Representation: Notation, Information, and Communication
Lab 3

Data Processing and Visualization

Laia Mogas-Soldevilla and Jorge Duro-Royo

  • Processing (data stream, storage, parsing, converting, visualization)

Design of Data: Computation, Visualization, and Big Data

Ben Fry, Principal of Fathom / Co-developer of Processing
Professor Cesar Hidalgo, Macro Connections Group at MIT Media Lab

Lab 4

Working Session: Assignment 1

Laia Mogas-Soldevilla and Jorge Duro-Royo

  In-class Presentations: Assignment 1
Lab 5 2D and 3D CAD Tools: Autocad®, Rhino®, 3DSMax®, SolidWorks®

Design of Fabrication: Tools, Techniques, and Technologies

Skylar Tibbits, Lecturer at MIT Department of Architecture / TED 2012 Fellow

Lab 6 Fabrication Workshop: Laser-cutting, 3D Printing, File Setup and Exchange

Design of Mimicry: Models, Systems, and Processes

Professor Sangbae Kim, MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lab 7 Working Session: Assignment 2
  In-class Presentations: Assignment 2
Lab 8 AI Tools: Programming Concepts, Optimization Methods, Example Applications

Design of Intelligence: From Mind to Machine

Professor Marvin Minsky, Society of Mind Group at MIT Media Lab and MIT AI Lab


Design of Play: Games and Constructs

Professor Kevin Slavin, Playful Systems Group at MIT Media Lab

  Film Screening
L9 Design of Alternative Futures: Utopias and Dystopias in Science Fiction
Lab 9 Interactive Environments: Unity 3D, Augmented Reality

Design of Innovation: Concept to Commerce

Lee Moreau, Principal of Continuum

Lab 10 Working Session: Assignment 3

Design of Organizational Systems: From Cells to Cities

Professor Peter Galison, Harvard Department of History of Science

Lab 11 Working Session: Assignment 3
  In-class Presentations: Assignment 3

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