The calendar table shows the progress of the studio by week. For a more complete description of the process of the studio, see the assignments section.

2 Discussion: Preparation for the Installation The ideas behind the studio and installations (both the conceptual and actual modes) all came from an individual emotional engagement with a literal proposition toward the existing place. A tangible physical proposal was put forward through a process of discussion and making. The studio spent four hours consecutively in the MIT Chapel, to experience space / material / form / light over time.
3 Installation The students built their installations at full scale along the corridors of MIT. Inhabitation, topology of both space and material, and the performance and quality of the occupation of space were all considered in the installation.  These considerations were all made relative to time, gravity, and the changes that occur along that scale.
5 Installation Review

6 Discussion: Issues The studio took on the following issues as a method of discovering architecture: The cyclical nature of making / gravity, forces of nature, and phenomenology / materiality / perception / the social reality of the program / renovation and recreation of life in space at MIT.
7 Conceptual Models Models centered around the issues raised in the installations, and related to the program of the student center were discussed.
8 Material Model Review Material conceptual models depicting the nature and relation of materials were created and discussed.
10 Midterm Review

11 Discussion: Site Through constant iteration and discussion the program was clarified, and the site and materiality of the project were formalized.  Clear reflection, reiteration and the registration of specific phenomena led the project into its final details. The issues now become more real: Mechanism and tectonics / nature and site / student occupation of specific spaces / making the specific from the generic.
13 Content Review As the final design became more refined, its details were reviewed.
15 Final Review

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