The class studied the following precedents as a precursor to their work and as part of the creation of a collective culture in the studio. These precedents came directly from the work of the installations and from the experiences of the students. These works were discussed in class, fostering a discussion on the issues of student culture, the process of the conscious versus the unconscious, and the relationship of being in space and material. Some were discussed by the whole class, while others related to only one student’s work. This relevance was calibrated based on the specific properties and qualities of each student’s design, both in spatial and material terms.

Precedents and Research

Joe Dahmen

  • Fred Sandback - spaces of “no interiority”
  • The History of MIT’s Campus - a space built on landfill, floating and impermanent
  • Structural morphology - tension, balance, friction
  • James Turrell - the other horizon

Talia Dorsey

  • Amar Bose - acoustics and sound technology
  • Space making through sound
  • Music theory - complexity of structure
  • Frank Wilczek - space as material

Katice Helinski

  • Gilles Deleuze - issues of space-molding and materiality
  • Jorge Luis Borges - issues of light in space
  • Diego Velasquez - everything is materiality, even air, even light
  • Peter Zumthor - tectonics and physical relevance

James Smith

  • Analytical Cubism and Pablo Picasso - issues of depth and spatial perception
  • Marcel Duchamp - relations of space in art
  • Francis Bacon - concepts of animated form
  • Gilles Deleuze - depth and folding

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