Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 9 days / semester, 3 hours / day

MIT / Miyagi Remote Collaborative Workshop


Permission of the instructors. No background in computing is required. Limited to 8 students.


An intensive nine day remote collaborative workshop involving MIT and Miyagi University in Japan. The objective is to develop a small housing project using shape computation as a design methodology. Students will use and test new interactive software for designing, sharing applications with overseas partners, presenting projects on an Internet workspace, and critiquing design proposals through the web and other advanced digital technologies. Students will be expected to do most of their work in class.


Hands-on workshop. After short introductory lectures, students will work on design proposals directly in the classroom. Work-in-progress will be uploaded regularly to the class web-site to share and collaborate on design proposals.

Collaboration Model

Students will work in teams of four - i.e. two MIT students with two Miyagi students. During classroom work, students will have access to remote collaborative software for discussing their proposals with their overseas team members. In different stages of design, students will consult with their overseas partners, and critique each other’s design proposals.