Required Readings

Mitchell, William. City of Bits: Space, Place and the Infobahn.

Norman, Donald. The Invisible Computer: Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and Information Appliances Are the Solution.

Additional Reading Resources

General eGovernment Resources

E-Commerce Coordinating Council White Papers

Brown University Study on State and Federal E-Government in the United States, 2002

Collaborative Filtering Research Papers (compiled by James Thornton); the collaboratively filtered news site (for nerds); the online auction site with user feedback on seller reputations (a type of community filter)
Check out an example ebay reputation index of a seller.; the online bookstore (and more) with collaborative filters showing aggregate purchase habits of users.
Check out an example of amazon’s filter for “The Invisible Computer”

Boston Globe’s “Most Popular Stories” page; “Take a look at what stories other users are recommending to their friends. Use the pulldown menu below to see all articles forwarded in the past hour, day, week or month.”

User-Centered Design Resources

IBM/Ease of Use/User-Centered Design

Nielsen Norman Group: Strategies to Enhance the User Experience

Human Factors International

ANONYMITY AND ENCRYPTION IN INTERNET COMMERCE, By Daniel J. Greenwood, published as section of the American Bar Association book Internet Law for the Business Lawyer, 2001.

Certification Authority Ratings and Trust Task Force Report: Further information on identity management in practice, law and policy. (Final Publication, January, 2000,

EXPLORING VIRTUAL LEGAL PRESENCE: THE PRESENT AND THE PROMISE, Law Review Article by Jessica M. Natale, 2002 (Note: Virtual Legal Presence is A Concept Coined at MIT’s E-Commerce Architecture Program).

Relevant News Articles

Law Professor Sees Hazard in Personalized News

Pentagon’s online voting experiment criticized

Picture passwords may save a thousand words

Image Password Potential Doubtful, Say Analysts

Can e-mail seal a sales deal? Judge says yes, refuses to dismiss lawsuit claiming breach of contract

Survey: Online fraud tops off-line

The Great Giveaway (Open Source Issues)

Privacy on Trial Big Brother is watching you, your honor.

Retail eCommerce Sales Up 24%

Senator says Internet essential for diplomacy

‘Predator’ to Rejoin Society: California Set for Controversial Release of Repeat Rapist (". . . he will have to obtain written permission to . . . use the Internet")

Expert hacks Hotmail in 1 line of code

Voice of America considers anti-censorship tech

Presence: The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Voice

Web Site About Local Government Is Target of a Libel Suit

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