4.297 | Fall 2000 | Graduate

Special Problems in Architecture Studies


Required Reading

Mitchell, William J. City of Bits.

Mitchell, William J. E-Topia.

Norman, Donald A. Invisible Computer.

Suggested Reading

Software Requirements

  • Weigers, Karl. The Essential Software Requirement.
  • Kovitz, Benjamin L. Practical Software Requirements.
  • Fowler, Martin. UML Distilled.

UML and Use Cases

  • Booch, Grady, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson. UML User Guide.
  • O’Reilly. UML in a Nutshell.
  • Schneider, Geri, and Jason P. Winters. Applying Use Cases.
  • Rosenberg, Doug. Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML.
  • Conallen, Jim. Building Web Applications with UML.
  • Douglass, Bruce Powel. Real-time UML.
  • Harmon, Paul, Mark Watson. Understanding UML.

User-Centered Design

  • Norman, Donald A. The Invisible Computer.
  • Constantine, Larry L. Software for Use.
  • Rubin, Jeffrey. Handbook of Usability Testing.
  • O’Reilly. Web Navigation.

Other Requirements

  • Hickman, Linda, and Cliff Longman. Case Method: Business Interviewing.
  • Neumann. Computer Related Risks.
  • Kaner, Cem, Jack Falk, and Hung Quoc Nguyen. Testing Computer Software.
  • Lawrence, Lessig. Other Laws of Cyberspace.

Business Context

  • Bangs, David. The Business Planning Guide.
  • Neumann. Computer Related Risks.