4.302 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate
BSAD Foundations in the Visual Arts


1 Introduction to course and the first assignment, Made Public
2 Bring to Class an Exhaustive List of Private & Public Spaces; Made Public Lecture 1
3 Plaster Demo
4 Made Public Lecture 2; Work in Plaster
5 Plaster Exercise Due; Woodshop Demo
6 Metal Shop Demo; View Videos
7 Field Trip to Mike Glier Project; Discussion of Readings
8 In-Progress Review (including Documentation of Site, Statement of Intent, Strategy for Action, Work in Progress)
9 Student Presentations
10-11 Work Time
12-13 Review: Made Public
14 Introduction to the second assignment, Shaping Time
15 Due: Two One-minute Videos; Editing Demo
16 Due: Hollywood Remix; Sound Demo
17 Discuss Readings; Guest Lecturer: Hiro Mori
18 Review: Shaping Time
19 Introduction to the third assignment, Body Extension; Visiting Artist Lecture: Edgar Heap
20 Body Extension Lecture; Sewing Machine Demo; Plan of Action Due
21 Discuss Reading; Student Presentations
22 In-Progress Review
23 Field Trip to the List Gallery and the Michael Joo Exhibition
24 Work Day
25-26 Review: Body Extension