4.303 | Fall 2003 | Graduate

Dialogue in Art, Architecture, and Urbanism


1 Introduction, Slideshow of examples of Public Artworks and Muntadas’ own work
2-3 Students show their previous work
4 Slideshow of Artist/Architect Collaborations, e.g.: Acconci + Holl’s Storefront for Art and Architecture; Barbara Kruger’s Collaboration with Smith-Miller and Hawkinson; Silvia Kolbowski;
Introduction to the Big Dig/Central Artery Project: Videotapes from PBS Documentary on the Project
5 Hubert Murray, Architect/Planner for Boston’s Central Artery Project speaks to class, presents history of the Central Artery
6 Field Trip to Yale University to attend lecture by Kenneth Frampton and Arjun Appadurai on Critical Regionalism Revisited
7 Visiting Artist: Kelly Dobson
8 Pin-up of Students’ Proposals for their Big Dig Interventions
9 Introduction to Brasilia, Discussion of Planned Cities and their deployments of Public Art and Architecture
10 Field Trip to Brasilia
11 Discussion of Brasilia Trip; Students present photographs and film footage from trip
12 Film: Sans Soleil
13 Film: Berlin Babylon
14 Final Critique of Students’ Projects with Visiting Critics Wendy Jacob, Hubert Murray, and Laurie Palmer

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