4.313 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Advanced Studio on the Production of Space


Midterm Presentation

Midterm Presentation — Speculate, Intersect, Fail

At this point we will have opened a broad spectrum of models and associated topics. Students are thus required to make a selection of one model (or models) that would be used in the development of their final project.


  • Students are required to come up with an argument that supports their choice.
  • They are required to make 3 different speculative scenarios that interfere with the common use of the chosen model. If they chose to continue working with the model from the previous assignment, they are encouraged to intervene/perform/play with the physicality of the models.
  • Students are required to make a presentation (up to 10 min.) about their modeling speculation.
  • Students are required to upload modeling documentation on the class blog.


The objective of the midterm review is to exercise timely decision-making based on critical thinking and coherent project planning. Another objective is to learn how to mutate, integrate, intervene, reproduce, or (re)use existing models and objects in new situations. Final objective is to receive a constructive feedback from the peer students and reviewers on the paths each project proposal might take.

Due date: Session 16