4.313 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Advanced Studio on the Production of Space


Modeling Experiment (I)

Modeling Experiment (I) — Infiltrate and Explore the Other Systems of Space and Knowledge Production

Students are required to get in touch with a member of the research community that they find interesting and ask him or her about their personal most useful, interesting and inspiring model. It is advised to choose people that are not directly related to student’s fields of interest or practice. Once the model (tangible or intangible, conceptual or physical) is on the table, students are asked to test it and observe if it is in any way applicable on situations and phenomena within our general list of the class topics (Objects, Space, Democracy, Nature, …). Students are expected to produce an original visual material that embodies this interrogational trajectory (or it’s most interesting sequences).


  • Students are required to make a short visual presentation (up to 10 min.) about their findings.
  • Students are required to upload modeling documentation on the class blog.


The objective of this assignment is to experiment with abstract and relational thinking, to advance communication and presentatiion skills and to extend our “disobedient modeling” network across different fields and domains.

Due date: Session 7

Note that people are busy and sometimes slow in answering emails, so please plan your communication and the following activities on time.