4.313 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Advanced Studio on the Production of Space


Modeling Experiment (II)

Modeling Experiment (II) — Basic Modeling Research and Critical Media Transitions

Students are required to find a model from their respective fields of interest or practice and trace back its genealogy. For example, the concept of surveillance as explained by Michel Foucault is modeled through the 18th century panopticon prison project by Jeremy Bentham, but this idea can be traced back to the middle age iconographical models of “all-seeing eye of God.” After students find a model, they will be required to translate it into different media/from from the one it was originally envisaged. The final product can be a diagram, map, paper mock up, photo series, video piece, performance, etc.


  • Students are required to make a short presentation (up to 10 min.) about their model.
  • Students are required to upload modeling documentation on the class blog.


The objective of this assignment is to exercise critical thinking by translating information from one medium to another and to formulate a visually and spatially compelling strategy to convey a concept. The assignment methodology is based on the regressive/progressive method by Henri Lefebvre, which connects analysis of the present with historical research and speculative projections of the future. 

Due date: Session 12